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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Whole Wheat: Hard Red vs. Hard White

Okay I have always had whole wheat in my house, I am a Mormon, that's what Mormon's do right? I even use mine from time to time! Now I am using it all the time, ha ha. Anyway I have always bought and stored Hard Red Winter Wheat. However I discovered that there is also Hard White Winter Wheat. A good friend told me I could buy some at Rosaures here in Moscow where you can even grind your own in the store. Again this is in the Huckleberry's Health Food section. So I marched right down there and bought some. Since then I have made some whole wheat hamburger buns, waffles and bread and I can't tell you how awesome it is!! What is awesome about it is my kids are not complaining! They loved it, it looks almost like white flour and is much lighter and sweeter. BUT it has the exact same protein content, fiber, etc. as my regular wheat. It was an exciting discovery. I asked if I could buy a bag from the store, since I have my own grinder at home. They were happy to do that for me, so tomorrow I will pick up a 50# bag for $28.00. Now I just have to figure out where I am going to put it! Since my food storage closet it full??
Another important thing about whole wheat. After you grind it, either use it up, so store it in the freezer. After three days it loses over 75% of it's nutrients. Just think how old the stuff you buy on the shelf could be? I always grind a bunch at a time, because it is easier and my grinder is so messy and  loud so I use it outside.  The neighbor's probably think I am remodeling my house so something.  :0)
Anyway here are some new recipes I made with it.. YUM!!!

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