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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

When plans fail.... don't quit!!!

Today was a perfect day of  'life happens!" My little boy was home sick from school. I must admit my first thought was "Oh shoot, how will I get my work out in now? " In the past a simple thing like this would throw me for a loop, I would decide that it's okay to skip my workout, then I would be mad at myself for the rest of the day because of it. I might have even thought. "Well I HAD to skip my workout plan, and now I feel sorry for myself, and I do have a sick little boy, maybe we should make cookies together! " Well not today folks! Yes I took care of my sick little boy, I even read stories and had a short nap when he did. BUT the big difference is I made sure to make time for myself to get a workout in anyway. I waited until my older kids came home and then asked them if they would mind hanging out with their little brother while I took the dog for a walk/run. Of course the idea that THEY wouldn't have to take the dog for a walk sealed the deal. So I headed out, in the rain, with my muddy-overly hyper dog, my ipod and my watch. After the first 20 minutes or so, I actually started feeling great! I had time to think, I was exercising, getting some fresh air, wasn't cold anymore because I was moving and sweating. and I was away from the house. Perfect! I ended up doing my first walk to run day from my training plan. I walked for 14 min. / ran for 1 min.  until I had walked for about 45 minutes! I came home to my kids still watching television ( happy as can be), a tired dog and a happy attitude! The point of this story is that I am learning to  STOP MAKING EXCUSES!!! Sure life doesn't go as planned but you can always find someway to get in some exercise. Now what about tomorrow.......

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