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Monday, January 11, 2010

Citrus Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Carrot Apple Slaw

Citrus Pulled Pork
Super easy... Just get a boneless pork roast ( mine was still frozen), about half a can of 100% frozen orange juice concentrate. Put that in the crock pot and sprinkle with some all purpose seasoning. I use "Fantastic Farrer's" My brother invented it last year, if you want some just ask me! Anyway let the roast cook on high for 6-8 hours. Or until it easily shreds with a fork. Shred it up and eat it on those healthy hamburger buns from last week!
An easy and quick dinner for those busy days.

Carrot Apple Slaw
I found this recipe in a cookbook we got for our wedding. It is a vegetarian cook book. "Moosewood Cookbook" by Mollie Katzen. I was looking for something different then just coleslaw. So we tried it. About half my family liked it, I thought it was a nice change, plus you get your veggies and fruits at the same time!

1 pound carrots, grated
2 medium apples- grated
1 cup plain yogurt
1- 2 Tbl. honey ( I let me 5 year old tell me when it was sweet enough)
pinch of celery salt
1 Tbl. lemon juice
A handful of raisins

Mix all together and chill for at least an hour to let flavors combine.

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  1. what an awesome challenge!! i am glad you have friends near and FAR who are with you to support you!! i know i will support you!! i also hope you bike your buns off too...hahaha!!!! good luck. i look forward to reading your blog to success!!!!!loves tonz!