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Friday, December 25, 2009

The start of a new me!

Well it seems that I have had the same New Year's resolution for probably the past 20 years! Okay at least the past 17... since I had my first baby! That has been to lose weight, or get healthy, work on my fitness, finish a triathlon, whatever! It is obviously the same goal... To accomplish this goal in the past I have made a million plans including making charts, calendars, plans to reward or pay myself for my success, etc... I have even made a lot of progress in the past, but it seems that something in my life always changes and I lose my focus and I never fully reach my goals. So what will make blogging about it different? Maybe nothing but here's my logic The one thing I haven't done is to consistently journal about my success including all the up's and down's and certainly not in such a public way. Will this change things? Maybe not, but my hope is that with a good solid, life style changing plan and the knowledge that my story could be read by the world give me a lot of motivation. Not only the motivation to be consistent, but also the motivation to get my thoughts, ideas, and feelings out on "paper" so here it goes!

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