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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I made it through the Holiday's!

Well as of tomorrow I can officially say that I made it through the Holiday's with very minimal sugar and white flour! It has gotten easier for me as the month has gone on. In fact, for the past 7 days we have been visiting family and I have been virtually surrounded by TREATS! I have been surprised that I haven't been tempted, or felt deprived, or left out. I don't know what has made the difference this time around, except for the fact that I am very excited and determined to succeed. I also feel so good. I haven't felt sick or like I have eaten too much or had that sugar 'coma' feeling. It's been nice and I am looking forward to the new me. I don't doubt that it will be hard,  and I am sure I will be faced with all sorts of temptations. I worry that I will offend friends and family when I don't except their offers for food. But I really feel that this is the answer for me to succeed. I need to let my body heal itself by giving it real, whole, natural, healthy and un-refined foods.  I have appreciated all of the support that my family and extended family have shown me so far, Thanks!

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