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Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Sunday Weigh in..

I am actually happy to report that today's weigh in was a 5 pound loss! I was so happy, especially since last week had me at a gain.. So all together I have lost 12 pounds. But more importantly I feel so good. I was very disappointed 2 weeks ago when the scale showed another gain when I have been working so hard that week- the calories in vs. the calories burned just didn't add up! Thank goodness I have such awesome and supportive family and friends.  I have been reading a lot this week, and have learned a little more about the science of weight loss. Our bodies fluctuate all the time and sometimes it takes a while for things to start working together. I also think that you have to look at the overall month to really get a gage for how your weight loss is working. I have been reading Bob Greene's book  The Best Life Diet  all this week and have learned a lot about how my body is handling all of these changes I am making. It is going to take time and I have to remind myself often that I AM NOT looking for a quick fix, but a change for life. But I also would be lying if I didn't say a 5 pound weight loss made me down right giddy!

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