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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Back on track with my plan....

Okay I must be honest. NO, I didn't eat any sugar or white flour BUT I have really slipped the past few days with my plans. Life just got in the way.... some things were out of my control (like Ashton accidently breaking Isaac's arm and me not really clueing in to that for 2 days!) and lots of other little things not in my control that threw me off base a little. Anyway I took a few days to re-group and now I am feeling on top of my game again. I won't make my fitness or eating goals for the month or get my monthly reward that I chose for myself BUT I am not going to give up. I feel too good when I am doing the right things for that to happen. Plus I have paid and registered for my bike ride in June so I can't stop now! Funny thing about that... I got my race number. I am #3,  which means that there was NO reason to stay up and register at midnight last week, BUT apparently having a single digit race number is cool. Just hope I don't come in dead last on the day of the race! :0)

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