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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Best Food Finds of the Month!

You can not even imagine my excitement when I found unsweetened ketchup at our local food co-op. I literally squealed... I am sure the employee stocking shelves thought I was crazy. But not having ketchup has been hard. Westbrae Natural Vegetarian Unsweetened Ketchup is what I found and I love it!

The other find was Coconut Bliss Ice- Cream now this is not a low calorie food and is pricey. But one night the family wanted ice-cream and I started feeling a little left out. So I found this in the health food section of my local grocery store and I was in heaven. It is made with coconut milk and agave syrup.
I had to have some self control and have just a serving but it was so delicious. It comes in lots of flavors.
I had the Dark Chocolate. It will definitely be on my list of treats for those special occasions! YUM!

I also was impressed with a protein drink that my gym sells called  Syntha-6 . I am not positive about the sugar content but at first glance it looked safe, what I am impressed with is the protein content and other benefits they were amazing and it takes great! I plan on buying some and using it on those days that I do extra hard workouts and need to replenish.

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